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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Basket for a 'tween.

January 14, 2012

I decided to see if I could do a small basket.  I also decided to try and make a pre-determined shape.  Often in my art I let the materials lead me...that is why the last basket has sides that slope outwards.  I was really thinking along the lines of a basket with C shaped sides when I started it.

This time I got the shape I wanted.  It is 5 1/2 in. at it's widest, and 1 1/2 in. deep.  I used blue and purple because I happen to know a 12 yr. old that loves these colors together.  I made her the little Peace sign envelope bag if you remember.  To my great pleasure she carries it every day.

She got a new desk for her bedroom for Christmas and I thought she might like a little basket for things like paperclips, rubber bands or whatever.  So without further ado...the 'tween' basket for Aye.

Isn't it cute!  I used a wrapped pine needle center, not an easy thing to do, so I wanted the practice.  The blue stitches are the V stitch and the dark purple stitches are the Fern stitch.

When completed I rubbed a piece of candle wax on the stitches (they are also rubbed with wax as I stitch) and then popped it into the microwave for about 45 seconds to melt the wax.  This gives it a nice firm feel, even though it was very firm with just the stitches, and it doesn't mask the pine scent I love so much the way waxing the entire basket does.

I thought of adding some embellishments, like beads, but then decided that it stands well on its own merit.  

I think she's gonna to like it.  :-)

 Here you see the side shaping. 

EDIT:  Feb, 7, 2011 (approx. date), the basket has been present and is duly loved!  It sits proudly on the new desk in her room.

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