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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Christmas present for my sister!

This time I made the scrolls out of the DARK brown  instead of the light brown on the small piece.  The pieces are opposites.  

The first one (from yesterdays post) is 19 inches long before fringe.  This one is 49 inches long before fringe.  Out of a 9 1/2 foot long warp I got about 6 feet.  More waste than usual as I knew I didn't want a 9 foot table runner/scarf.  So I cut off the first piece retied onto the front beam and started again.  I have found that the thicker the fabric roll on the front beam the more difficult a time I have with my tension.  I have also discovered that unrolling the already produced fabric to look at the results of my labor will also create tension problems at times. 

Since I rarely use a chart and make up my patterns as I go...it gets a little difficult to be sure of spacing and symmetry unless I unroll back to the beginning and take a look.  Bad habit!

Anyway I almost wet my pants when I finally got to unroll this piece and look at the finished product.  All my own color choices and design factors.  

I don't think I will be doing scrolls again any time soon.  LOL

I wrote this post on Thanksgiving Day and I also posted pictures on Weavolution and Ravelry.  Later in the day, all fat and happy with turkey, I checked my mail and found the latest post from Laverne Waddington on her blog.  She has backstrap groups on each website as well!

The biggest surprise though is that she has once again, posted pictures of my work.  Click here if you want to read a very interesting and informative blog. 

Here are the pictures.

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