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Sunday, June 14, 2015


New batch of bracelets!  

Remember girls and boys that I will customize these bracelets for you at no additional charge. Within certain parameters you can even pick the designs, but you definitely get to pick the colors and the buttons and whether or not you wanted to fit your wrist or your ankle.

Without any lettering on your bracelet it becomes totally reversible.

I love how these colors pop!!! I cannot even decide which side I like better. LOL

And then I added a little love to brighten your day.

And now on the more serious side. I learned a valuable lesson this week. I'm a pretty trusting kind of person and I don't usually require people to pay upfront for customized work. Unfortunately this time I was asked to put someone's a initials on a bracelet, and after talking with this person and figuring out a time and place where we could meet she then decided not to answer my communications at all for over a week now.

Normally I would just put the bracelet on my table and sell it, but I can't do that with someone else's initials smack in the middle of it. 

This person even went as far as to ask me to make the bracelet twice its normal length so that her daughter could grow into it over time. 

Live and learn.  It turned out very cute too! And now all I want to do is take the scissors and cut it in half.

Her l loss and my lesson learned.  

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