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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


TADA!!!  How 'bout a custom trivet!

i'm getting ready for the weekend at the farmers market. So I've been polyurethane eating and making art as fast as I can. I worked up the tapestry loom…

Already have the inkle loom warped with hand dyed, hand spun silk.

And of course can't forget the Firebird.

And dragon.  But I modified him a little.  Got rid of the white chest.

I think it looks more cohesive this way :-).

And then I warped up the BIG frame loom with intermesh technique.  Purple and blue. 

This is the back side.  

Front side.

They are called flowers and this will be a cuff bracelet.

Check it out!

It would be totally reversible, except for the lettering.

Back to the loom...

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