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Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014

I've been doing a little weaving. I even built myself a new loom. I'm doing warp face weaving in the traditional backstrap fashion, except for the fact that I have lashed it to a frame that I built myself.  It helps me with my tension and keeps me from having a backache. 

As it turns out I don't like being physically strapped into the loom. I guess I have to get up and down too often. 

Here are some photos for you to check out…

Most of my yarns are in a truck packed away in a storage unit,  I didn't really have room for them in the RV if I wasn't using them. 

So this happens to be the yard that I just happen to have on hand. I also wanted to give a try at some weaving that wasn't as bright and colorful as some of the traditional backstrap weavings. I wanted to do almost like a brocade where it's just like green on green or silver on silver the way this piece is, I kind a like the effect and I'm going to do more of this.

Hear you say that I have folded it into one of the little pouches I like to make.

And in this one I thought you might just want to get a better look…

And then I switched over to bright bright bright colors.

The color is called fiesta it's a very very orangey red. It really pops against the white I have plenty of it to I intend to do something else with it later.

I won't be at the farmers market tomorrow,I'm babysitting for a friend of mine in Jacksonville. But you keep your eyes peeled I fully intend to continue trying to figure out things to add to my stall aside from just the Pineneedle baskets. Wish me luck and keep your eyes peeled I'll be back...

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