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Monday, February 17, 2014

New basket bottoms!


Can you guess what this one is made of?

I also have some Oak slices, a BUNCH OF THEM.

I was amazed this first time I saw Live Oak.  If you notice there are lines that go straight out from the center, to the outter bark, as well as the usual circles. 

But the gentleman that slices the wood for me (I have a serious respect of saws, read FEAR), says this is normal in the Oak named "Live Oak".  I like that it is an unusual, common, hard wood, with varying tones from blond to red.

Check it out.

I am liking some new looks.  Did you guess what the first one is?

It is a coconut shell that my friend @kraftymax gave me.  Can't wait to get started.  Being outside in the mid 70's sanding wood was a nice break from the cold and rain we have been doing.  But now Wiggles and i are ready to get out the Pine needles.

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