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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Art Walk in St. Augustine, FL and a new basket.

August 8, 2013

Art Walk was a blast last Friday night.  I not only got my first showing of my baskets at the High Tide Gallery, but I also got to rub elbows with a lot of the local's from years gone by and of course the Artist's as well.  I really love the little gallery and the fact that Aimee, the owner, showcases only local artists.  There was lots of good music, comradery, food and fun for all.  I even saw some people I had not seen in many years.

I didn't sell anything, but I didn't really expect to the first go round.  Next month I will be more prepared as I want to make some larger, more showy pieces and now have the time to do it.  Here is a picture of my small display.

I also completed a slightly larger than usual basket this week.  I absolutely love, love, love the new wood centers.  All of this time I have been calling this Cedar wood, but it turnsout that it is Juniper.  I do think though that Juniper is a sister or close cousin to the Cedar.  The threads were chosen by my friend KraftyMax and I absolutely adore them with the Cedar.  Here are a few pictures of the almost completed basket.

These colors make me think of my friend Dana from Georgia...guess I need to make another!

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Congratulations on your gallery showing! Your baskets are spectacular.

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