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A "Pandula" is a flower which blooms only in one's imagination.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A few pics of current works.

Remember that you can still find me through Facebook, twitter and Instagram with both Pandula Arts Creations as well as Earth Baskets!  

Here are some pictures of what I've been doing of late…hand beaded bracelets with tree limb buttons.  Use aroma therapy oils to care for the wood and smell nice too!  All hand stitched with a needle and thread.  And of course I hand make the treelimb buttons!

A ring in Cedar!

And of course baskets!

My first micro macrame!

My second!

Don't forget there's no RSS feed anymore to make my blog posts go into Facebook, so I no longer use this blog as much as I post in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I has been too long...

Lots going on and not much time for posting.

RSS feed went belly up and since my blog no longer feeds into my face book so I have opened a instgram account that does! 

I will be posting here also but you can catch up on what I am doing on Facebook @ Pandula Arts Creations or even Earth Baskets. 

Friday, August 21, 2015


I've been playing around with some ball point pens doing some free hand doodles. Check it out.

Here's the first one. No pencils no erasers just me and an ink pen. Can you say art therapy?

This is number two and I really love this piece it has kind of a bluish greenish teal-ish colors and a purply blue.

Then this one came along.  Just a little bookmark. I watercolored the paper before I drew the design and I even burned the edges.

Number four is done on a stretched canvas. Not sure how I feel about this when yet. But I did discover glitter ink pens what fun.

I don't think it's done yet.

This one I really like!  It is done on white paper and I used a red pen, a purple pen with glitter in it and a mauve pen. 

Everyone says it looks like Hair.

For me I just like how it flows, however I am thinking of doing one it's all sharp points so stay tuned.

Then I did a Pineneedle bracelet. I still really like the infinity design.

So in the last week or so I have done multiple zentangle inspired drawings,  three baskets and started a fourth,  and a Pineneedle bracelet as well.

Art is a great stress reliever.

Whoops I forgot to show you the baskets…

And then I did a little purple and blue one. That's purple and blue threads of course.

 OK I think that's everything now now!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Moved my rv for the second time in two months :-( sooooo, not many posts to blog!

So here we go.  Since my last post I have been kind of all over the map with my art.  Everything from beadwork to drawing.  

Here i just picked up an ink pen with no plan and let my mind and hand just wander.  Look what happened. 

 I call this  ZIA doodle "Flo". Probably because nothing about moving just flo's, it is always jagged and difficult for me.

Then I painted over my only canvas.  This is for a background to draw on.  

Kind of like how I did this one with watercolor...My friend kraftymax asked me for a "bright" sugar skull.  She loved him!

Then I did this in my sketch book.

I love green and blue together.  

I did this while also painting the canvas background and another background in watercolor.  In the process I accidently transferred pink paint from my hand onto the paper...thus the pink ribbon.

Then a little bookmark and I even burned the edges.  First time I ever did that.  

I clearly have a thing going for this "flowy" design.

Then I tried ballpoint pen on top of the acrylic paint on canvas.  Who knew there were glitter ink pens lol?

I am not really sure how I feel about this one.  He is kind of on hold while I think of what it needs next.

Then I started a pineneedle basket with whatever supplies I could gather.  My usual supplies were not with me and it was my absolute worst basket ever...

Done with cross stitch linen and the tiniest, most brittle pine needles ever.  I didn't even put my mark on it.  

But my friends daughter wanted it so I gave it to her , other wise I would have cut it up and re-used the wood center.

Now I have my basket supplies and am working on a little 5 in. Oval basket.   Ahhhh a comfort zone.  Much better.  

 So for now that is it.

No farmers market right now, but I do have my application in for the Jacksonville Fl Riverside Arts Market!  

Wish me luck and don't forget to find me on instagram and facebook under Earth Baskets or Pandulaarts Creations!

Monday, July 27, 2015


Custom cuff for a birthday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Lots of finish work this morning!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


WOW!   it's been way too long since my last post.  

Things have been very hectic lately as I was was in the process of a move. Not just my home but with my art also.

Here in Florida it gets sooooo very hot and I don't do well in the heat. We have been having temperatures in the high 90's, mixed with the humidity our heat index has been hanging around 105°. Not good for this lady LOL.

My move placed me very close to a co-op than an acquaintance of mine has opened called Creative Soul of Saint Augustine. It is in one of the outlet malls here at the I-95 and State Road 16 Junction. So my art is now there and I work there a couple days a week to do my part. 

It was very hard to drag my gear in and out so I had to build a loom that I could lleave there and also figure out how to do a set up so that I'm not hauling stuff back-and-forth across that huge hot parking lot. When we finished she even set me up in the very front window

Here are a few pics.  

She found this frame somewhere and I really love the way it works. It's a picture frame with a cork backing and all I have to do is thumbtack my bracelets up through the loop that the tags are attached with. This way no snags in the fabric, yet no one can just pick them up and walk off. 

I try very hard not to think of people doing things like that but realistically speaking it does exist. Since I can't be there to watch I like having them attached. I didn't want to wrap them around something and button them because then people can't see the design factors in their entirety. I think it also puts people off when they have to unbutton it, they feel intrusive. I really like this display.

Here you'll see a picture of my table with my art on it through the glass. I'm not real good at taking these kind of photos unfortunately.

And here you will see the loom I built, warped, and demonstrate with. It's attached to my antique piano stool. If you look closely you will also see and inkle loom on display.

Whoops my mistake I did not take a picture of the loom in the shop, but here it is anyway set up in my house before I took it down there.

Gotta love pink and orange together.

I've also been expanding on some of my skills. So let's take a look.

I was standing in the local dollar store and a child in front of me had a small pallet of watercolors.  I ask him where he got them and I bought one, $1.89. Realizing of course that these are not going to be of the highest quality, but it's something to play with since I've never used watercolors at all.  Or even done much in the way of painting. So I got them out I just decided to make some backgrounds with him. Here's a pic…

This is a piece of 11 x 14 Bristol board, so I cut it into smaller pieces and a eliminated the spots that got muddy. Then I got out my ink pens and this is what happened.

I am also working a sugar skull on the same paper.

In the middle of all the other chaos my daughter dropped in unexpectedly from Austin Texas. She was only here for about 24 hours so rather than mail her a birthday present to her I presented her with this as a birthday card and this bracelet…

I think she liked them both.

Then the lady at the co-op decided that I should stretch my skills and try an abstract piece a basket work. It's not something I ever thought I would do,  I prefer functional art, not pieces of work that are only for looking at. As pretty as that may be it's just never been my thing.

Here's what I did.  I really hated it right up to the last minute but I think it does make a statement.

It's extremely sinuous and 3-D, there are angles all over the place like this… and I cannot even tell you how difficult it is to make those twists and turns and holes.

And this...

Of course I've also been working on my textile jewelry although not as much.  On the loom right now.

And the other end of the warp a duplicate of my own anklet. At Fourth of July a lady wanted to buy it right off of my ankle so I'm making her one.

I've also tried my hands at a little bit of beadwork.  This one is for me (The first one of anything always is ) as I did not have a black bracelet-check it out. 

This is done with no glue or backing, strictly a needle and thread to do the framework with beads and then place the straps.  It's not done yet as I haven't decided on a closer.  Can I just tell you how very time consuming this kind of work is.  And I cannot tell you how tiny these beads are!!!  I wear my magnifying glasses and have a magnifying handheld next to me. LOL it's hard getting old.

It took me five tries. The first stone was Square and I got it almost completed and then I discovered a broken thread. GGGRRRRRRR

Took it apart started again, that frame was too little so I took it apart.  Got almost done with the third one discovered two broken beads. GRRRRRR. Took it apart, AGAIN, started over this one to tight again… It seems I am very heavy-handed when I sew.  Probably from making firm baskets for so many years. The fifth  time was a charm though.  

Not fast, but by then, after all the epic fails, I kind of had the technique firmly in my mind. I had to make myself be conscious of each and every stitch but I finally got it!!!  I was so very excited and it only took me 14 hours. Lol

Then onto the straps…

There is a hole in the stone and Max placed a silver piece in it for me and I decided I  did not like it since there was absolutely no silver any place else on the piece.  I have since taken it out and I'm trying to decide how to fill it. But I do have the straps done.

I actually took a class from my friend @KraftyMax (I cannot figure out how to make her name into a link for you on this phone, but you can find her on Facebook) and she will help me figure these things out. My plan is to try and do the same technique with Juniper instead of the stones.

I'd like to speak to a different crowd than what my textile jewelry is addressing. Maybe the bead bracelets will be the answer.

I did try one yesterday with a little bit larger beads and had an epic fail…between the funky shape of the wood and the larger beads I just could not get it to look nice. Right now I'm in the process of lacquering up a more round piece of wood and then I will try again with the regular number 11 Delica beads. Wish me luck.

And then my little Wiggles became a celebrity! Max took some awesome pictures of her little face check her out…she commandeered Max's little dogs bed and made herself right at home.

I love that shot. You can find more on KraftyMax's blog.

I think that pretty much catches us up-to-date!  Please don't forget anything you see here is for sale,  all you have to do is contact me at pandulaarts@yahoo.com or earthbaskets@gmail.com.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook has stopped letting us RSS feed the blogs into our pages but you can still find me on there posting regularly. Either on my personal page under Marsha Knox, or Pandula Arts Creations or Earth Baskets.

I'll try to be better about posting more often girls and boys till then be safe and happy.